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Cluttered slides don't communicate!
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Think about the structure of your whole presentation and create its first heading Ė the message you open with will be, most probably, the message most of your audience will remember once itís over.

Think in headlines rather than detail. If you want to share detail then provide a handout. DONíT put the detail on the slides!

What you need is crisp simple messages. Again, avoid putting the script on the slide at all costs!

And, yes, a picture IS worth a thousand wordsÖ Only, try not to use the clip-art too much. Surprise people with images, donít bore them. If you can, be quirky when it comes to imagery. People remember images they didnít expect.

If you want to use bullets donít have more than five points per slide and no more than six words per bullet. Use headings on slides to set up the proposition. A summary line on each can be very useful in stating the actions needed.

Always use the same verb tenses.

Beware of complicated charts, especially those imported from Excel.
Work out what is important to communicate and remake them into PowerPoint charts. A very simple graph with a big arrow pointing at the growth figure will be much more effective than lots of data that canít be read or easily understood.

Humour can certainly be used, but remember not everyone laughs at the same things, so keep it clean and acceptable to everyone in your audience.

Beware not to over-clutter your slides, your message must still be clear Ė you do not want to create confusion with too much text, too many images, graphs, or animations. Less is more!
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