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How long is your presentation? Can it be shorter?
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Do you know what you want your audience to think, do or say differently once they’ve seen and heard your presentation?

Do you know what your two or three top messages are? If not,
cut the messages you have down to size and write them down.

How long is your presentation? Can it be shorter? Always err on
the side of brevity.

Are your slides part of a larger presentation? Be aware of what
others are saying!

All those questions have to be answered BEFORE you start building your slide set.

You need to create a presentation that flows. Think of the six Ps: preface, position, problem, possibility, proposal, and postscript. Or at least - tell your audience what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what they have been told!

Do all the audience have a common level of understanding of the subject, or is it mixed? Be careful not to ignore or patronise sections of your audience!

Order your presentation using your key messages (supported by the most relevant and powerful facts) and remember the old cliché: ‘Less is More’.
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